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Pandora Care "En profesyonel bakım yönetim sistemiyiz"

Patient care is immeasurably improved with the use of Pandora Care Management System. It provides better communication, better record keeping and easier access to service user’s notes; what else do you need? Handovers between shifts are no longer time-consuming and confusing, because employees have the access to the service user’s information, avoiding miscommunications and incorrect information being handed over. Incidents can be recorded easily and accurately, without having to fill out long and complicated paper records. The Pandora Care Management Dashboard can even show live data, detailing exactly what is happening within your service.   Shifts can be organised, booked and amended easily with the Rota Management System. This platform allows users to view their working pattern and make any changes. The system will also produce reports, ensuring that management can see at a glance whether shifts are covered. Pandora Care Management System can produce reports tailored to the business need, so that you are always able to see what is happening across the service. Employee records can also be stored, including HR details and payroll information. All of this information is held securely, so you can be assured only the people with the correct permissions can access it, and there is no risk of a HR file being mislaid or misfiled.   If you are interested in improving work practice, efficiency and administrative tasks then Pandora Care is the Management System for you. It understands all the daily challenges that your service faces and will work for you in the way that you want. It provides you with peace of mind knowing that all your documents and data are safe, but easily accessible when necessary. Pandora Care Management System really does have every angle covered, and this is achieved through being specifically tailored to your services’ requirements.