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Pandora Care büyük bir uygulamanın geleceğidir

In the average working day, it would be interesting to know how many minutes or hours are spent looking for lost files and documents. Rest assured it is probably a lot more than you think! With those wasted minutes you and your employees could have been doing something far more productive and important. So how do you solve this problem? More filing cabinets, an extra administrative person, more hours spent on paperwork? Or you could invest in Pandora Care Management System, a piece of software which could help resolve all of these problems and more.   Gone will be the days of piles of files and documents cluttering up desks and floors. You won’t have to spend time searching for important pieces of information that have gone missing, or retyping documents that are the out of date. With Pandora Care Management System all your important documents are stored in one place, which means they are easily located and can be quickly updated. Documents can be uploaded simply and efficiently which means they are easily shared with others, without the risk of them being misplaced.   If your filing cabinets are bursting and boxes are cluttering up the office area, then Pandora Care Management System and easily solve this. It contains secure platforms that can store both service user and employee information, and can restrict who has access to these so you can be confident that confidentiality is maintained. If you are constantly dealing with rota changes and updates, Pandora Care Management System is able to streamline how shifts are booked, amended and cancelled, without the need for paper rotas and folders.   Pandora Care Management System is tailored to meet individual business need, whatever you feel is a priority, Pandora Care Management System can manage. It is user-friendly, adaptable, and will grow with your business. You will wonder how you coped without it!