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Olay Bildirimi! Yeni̇ Güncellemeler Mevcut ...

This week we have exciting new updates regarding our incident reporting section in our care management system. Our development Team have been working on a live dashboard, which allows you to view and review, reported incidents.

Incident reporting Key features:

  • Patient Incident Count
  • Physical Intervention
  • Severity Score
  • Severity Score Average


To put it in simple terms, it is important to have a good incident reporting system to help you LEARN and IMPROVE.

To ensure our system works to a high level we have invited the help of a senior assistant psychologist and Information who has expanded on the importance below.

Why is it important to have accessible and accurate incident reports?

Incident reports are an indicator that something has gone wrong. If you are consistently recording information about every incident as quickly and as accurately as possible, you will have more knowledge to try and learn from them in the future. Accurate records also mean you can be transparent with your clients and providers about how you manage incidents and how people are being supported when/if they get distressed.

With Pandora, we are working together trying to develop a unique approach to incident reporting by recognising that a patient becoming distressed and assaulting someone will have different driving factors to someone tripping over a log and twisting their ankle. Both incidents have common factors, but they also have factors which are unique due to the incident that occurred. One is about a patient’s behaviour and may result in physical intervention whereas the other is more about health and safety. Both of them may have involved someone receiving first aid or calling the emergency services. The process of recording information, therefore, not only needs to be streamlined, but also be logical and relevant to the type of incident that has occurred so that the user is not clicking through a bunch of irrelevant menus to complete the reporting process.

Using our incident reporting care management system will benefit you with

  • Identifying key areas to focus on and implement training and resources
  • Learn from the incidents and review areas to improve for service users and staff safety
  • Leaders and MDT teams can review individual incidents and put in place reasonable measurement or risk assessments

We are more than confident that this area of our management system will help your workplace. Get in touch to find out more.

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