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Compliance and Technology - the perfect match!

Viewing/Reviewing incidents

Paper incident forms used to be norm, and as such, reviewing incidents would mean reading pages and pages of paper files. With all the incidents being online, through a care management system, the reviewing process is so much easier. With Pandora Care Management System, incident forms can be searched easily using the filter system, so if you want to see all incidents relating to a patient, the click of a button will display them. The same goes if you want to see all incident forms created by a specific staff member. Or all incidents that took place on a particular day…you get the idea.

Safeguarding referrals

It is easy to see the status of safeguarding referrals through the use of a safeguarding database. This is essential if you need to know whether a referral is being investigated by safeguarding. However, it is has been closed you need to know so you can proceed to do an internal review.

Checking staffing levels


With a quick scan you can see which staff are on shift, where and when. This is great if you need to quickly see an overview of staffing levels and ratios of staff e.g. nurses to support staff. It’s also useful for investigations and audits.




I don’t think it’s possible to bang on enough about how much a care management system can help with audit. With data available at a touch of a button it’s easy to get excited about audit (some people many strongly disagree!). Pandora Care Management System provides easy access to a wide variety of data and it can be downloaded into Excel very simply. It’s basically cutting out a lot of the work in collecting data for audit, which can only be a good thing!

For example, if you want to audit how often a service user accessed community leave, this information is available instantly. Instead of tracking back through notes and paper files, you can enter the search criteria and press a button. It really is that easy!


Root Cause Analysis (RCA)


When carrying out Root Cause Analysis there is a lot of initial data collection that must take place. Patient information may be crucial to the RCA, particularly around diagnosis and the service user’s history. Therefore all this information can easily be obtained from the care management system as opposed to trawling through pages and pages of paper files.

The same is for patient notes, with an added benefit. If you need to search for a particular subject or date, the entries can be filtered. i.e. by searching for a word related to the incident, for example, ‘medication’ or ‘trip’. Another useful tool is the ‘Timeline’ which brings together a chronological order of all entries relating to the service user. Having this information all in one way is incredibly valuable to getting a clear picture of events.

When carrying out Root Cause Analysis, servicer user treatment and support plans are an essential tool. Having these easily accessible can only contribute to the speed of the analysis.

A tool that may not spring to mind as useful for RCA but actually is, is employee calendars. This way you can easily schedule appointments to speak to staff by checking when they are on shift.