Coronavirus Update

Covid-19 | Top Tips for those who cannot stay at home!


We are constantly being inundated with news about the spread of Coronavirus and what we should be doing to protect ourselves. One of those things is to stay indoors, work from home, avoid going out. But what if that isn't realistic for some people? Especially if you can't work from home or you have other responsibilities. What do you do then? Well, there are ways you can mitigate against the risk of coronavirus, even when going about your normal routine:


Hands off!


Think about the many other ways you can push a button or hold a door for someone. Try and avoid touching surfaces with your fingertips and use your knuckles or your elbows. This is because touching something then touching our face (which we all do, all the time) is one way in which coronavirus is spread.


Use the automatic option


If the door to the building you are entering has an accessibility button then use that instead. But try and press it with your forearm or hip instead of your hands.


Carry wet wipes


If you're a parent of young children, wet wipes may always be in your bag. But if you're not a parent, these are still useful as a barrier, for example, if you see someone cough into their hands then use the door handle. They are also great if you don't have access to a sink to wash your hands.


Think where you put your phone


We are used to carrying our phones everywhere - for some of us that even means the toilet cubicle. But think about where you place it down. Basically, if you are putting your phone down on a shared service (think table, pub bar, desk) put it on a napkin instead.


Don't go near the buffet


Firstly, we must point out there isn't any evidence to suggest you can catch coronavirus from eating from a buffet. However, buffets can be a bit of a germ-fest. Think about it, uncovered food at risk of coughs and sneezes. People picking up food with their bare hands and if they change their mind, putting it back (think sandwiches).


Take your own bags


These days we all take our own shopping bags to the supermarket. But if you can, use the self-scan option so that you can put your items straight into your bags. This avoids contact with the shopping trolleys or hand baskets. Also, try and avoid touching all the fruit and veg to check for ripeness etc and then putting it back. Unless of course, you use a plastic glove or one of those disposable plastic bags.


Stop being tactile


If you're a hugger. Stop. Handshakes and high fives are also off-limits for the time being. The concept of social distancing is one way to prevent the spread of coronavirus. This means maintaining distance from people and avoiding mass gatherings. Just limit your contact with other people and only make essential trips to public places.


Wash your hands - a lot!


This is a bit of an obvious one but it's a really simple thing to do often. Just wash your hands every time you get home. And if you can get hold of some anti-bacterial gel - carry it when you're out and about.



Go contactless


Now we all already know how dirty cash is. However, these days it's never been easier to go without cash. Just swap notes and coins for contactless payments instead.


Keep cleaning!


Increase your cleaning schedule for a while, especially if you live with other people. We know the virus can remain on surfaces for days so ensure you are regularly cleaning high-traffic areas such as the bathroom and kitchen.