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Want to change systems, but worried about data migration?

No-one likes change, do they?

Moving to a completely new way of working is bound to cause some anxiety. One of our client's major initial concerns relates to how their current way of working will move seamlessly to the new way. How will all their very important data be transferred? What if it goes missing? What if it gets muddled up?

Therefore, if you want to change the system but are worried about data migration, let us provide you with some reassurance.


How does it work?

At Pandora the process of data migration is quick and easy. Once we understand your requirements we will hold a consultation, during which we start with a simple question:


Where is your data now?

Is it;

  • Contained within cumbersome paper files. All held in endless filing cabinets, sometimes locked, sometimes not. Aside from the Information Governance issues, locating the data you need can obviously take a while...and then you have to put it back!
  • In another system, which is clearly not fit for purpose. Perhaps you have spreadsheet, after spreadsheet, after spreadsheet, which extracting data from is time-consuming.
  • Failing that, your data may be saved in various different folders, personal drives, and emails. Therefore, you are never quite sure where something is.


However, this is absolutely no problem for Pandora to deal with. We have Xperts who deal with data migration Therefore there is no system they cannot help to smoothly migrate.

All you need to do export that data - and we can talk you through that, so absolutely no need to panic! Our Xpert will advise you on the quickest and simplest way to export that data and send it to us.

From there we will import that data into the new software in exactly the way you want it and will consult with you every step of the way.