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Centralised system covering all aspects of your service

For care home software to be truly effective and essential, it needs to be able to bring all aspects of running a care home together. There is absolutely no point in having software for nursing records, then different software for finance and then completely different software for Human Resources; you get the picture? It sounds like more trouble than its worth. However, Pandora have designed and created care home software that has all the essential elements in ONE place


Human resources 

All employee records are easily accessed at the touch of a button. No rummaging through filing cabinets and archives.


Quality Assurance

Audits are easily completed when all the data is easily accessible. With our care home software all you need to complete audits and reviews is in one place.



The software includes a finance module which not only manages all the purchase orders, budgets and other payments. It also links to rotas so you can be absolutely sure employees are paid according to the shifts they have completed.


Nursing Team

Let's be honest, nurses are always busy. Always. So this module is absolutely essential to the smooth running of the care home. All service user information can be accessed from one area. All notes can be updated easily,  and all care staff can see care plans, reports and records.



The operations element of the care home software is so valuable. Therefore it keeps everything else running smoothly.



We know that when running a care home, there is always something to fix or repair. With this module you can log each maintenance request and set a priority and deadline. You can then see the status and monitor to see where resources are being taken up.


Put very simply, Pandora will benefit all areas of your care home business.