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Organise your team with Task Engine

What is Task Engine?

Task Engine is very simply, a task management system. It is a unique tool that draws from all the elements of the care management system, creating an engine that runs and monitors all tasks. Therefore creating an efficient and productive workforce.


How can it help?

Task Engine is so much more than a to-do list attached to a care management system. It's more than just adding tasks to a spreadsheet and then hitting delete when they're done. Task Engine has the ability to track tasks from start to finish. Not only that, it allows you to assign and delegate sub-tasks to other colleagues. However, tasks are then not 'lost' as it allows them to be monitored on progress, success and time. Not in a 'Big Brother' kind of way, but instead allowing everyone involved in the task to understand the focus, deadline and status, therefore increasing the productivity and effectiveness of your workforce.


Keep Tasks all in one place

Gone are the days when you make lists on bits of paper, stick post-it notes all over your screen or use flags on your emails (does anyone actually do that anymore?). With Task Engine, all tasks are right there, in one place, at the simple click of a button.


Understand your priorities

By having the ability to see tasks all in one place it means you can clearly see your priorities, as well as the priorities of your team and perhaps even the whole organisation.

Trust us, once you've started to use Task Engine as part of your care management software you'll never need a to-do list again!