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Building Bespoke software

Bespoke software solutions are a need in the 21st century where every niche service is becoming a multimillion dollar organisation. Bespoke software systems swiftly  take  the complication that can potentially exist within niche and mainstream markets.


Custom systems have become more and more predominant within the healthcare industry, especially with the boom and expansion of nursing homes globally. Poorhouses, sometimes called almshouses, were present in the United States starting around the 17th-century. This was the dawn of the early nursing home. In theory, the homes were meant for the “undeserving poor,” people that the community didn’t feel were worth spending their money to help. In practice, many of the people that didn’t fit neatly into society or have an easy time working – the mentally ill, orphans, and the poor elderly – found themselves sent to poorhouses.


Poorhouses certainly earned that reputation in some places, but there’s evidence that they weren’t all terrible. After the 14th amendment was passed, poorhouses became voluntary and some seniors would choose to spend time there for the sake of companionship or to save on bills in the cold months of the year.


Fast forward to the year 2018 and nursing homes are dominating the country as a great and enjoyable option especially for older retirees. The magnitude and mass scale of the 21st century nursing home calls for the presence of simple yet bespoke systems. The Pandora X care management system is an example of a system that supports large care and nursing homes to result in remunerative workflows.


In this day and age little attention is paid to these bespoke systems. They have become a prerequisite that have been taken for granted. The benefits of such systems are not appreciated as often as they should be. A custom application or software is a  better solution than the standard, off the shelf, software application. Costs can be extremely deceptive to business owners. Off-the-shelf software caters for a wide range of organisations but may include many functions you will never use. Custom software can actually cost less, especially for large number of users (for example in a nursing homes which usually have large volumes of staff and patient data).


The world is a highly competitive place, and any company that doesn’t have a digital strategy to increase productivity is at risk from competitors who do. Every area of a business is a candidate for improvement and  nowadays bespoke software come in many shapes and forms to suit every business need.