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Why is care software essential to independence?

There is no denying that the rapid progress in technology has made life so much easier, and the healthcare industry is no exception. We are all used to using our smart phones, laptops, tablets etc, on a daily basis to make tasks simpler and quicker. But as well as making tasks easier, technology is making them more effective, and this is exactly the same with care software.


Once, all service user files were held in filing cabinets or in archives. This means that locating one piece of information could take forever and cause frustrating delays. Now, all information relating to service users are available at a click of a button. This means less time on paperwork and more time on providing high quality care. For example, when planning community trips and appointments, you'll have detailed patient profiles and risk assessments available quickly and easily. This ensures the ability to plan effectively and thoroughly, affording service users more time and more available resources. This is just one example of how care software has revolutionised the way care is provided. Not only has it provided for more effective care, it has promoted the building of service user independence.


Activity Area

One of the most important elements of providing excellent quality care and promoting independence is through activities. With Pandora care software all service users have their own calendar which gives a schedule of their activities and appointments. The calendars are created using service user's interests and aspirations and can be updates as many times as the client likes. This is essential to be able to plan staffing and resources to ensure all appointments are met. You can then create reports on how many times a service user has accessed an activity. This helps to assess skill building and see where encouragement may be needed. All of this contributes to excellent person centred care and support.