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Pandora Care Management solutions for your care homes

New technology can be scary, we get that. The thought of bringing in a completely new software system might leave you feeling somewhat overwhelmed and apprehensive. But with our care management solutions, we don't just provide you with the software and wave goodbye. No, our job is not done when the software is installed and the door closed at the end of the day. We have the full package and therefore we provide a complete service.



So you've decided to go with our care management solutions but you're probably wondering what happens next? Well firstly you can be completely assured that we will handle your business efficiently and thoroughly. We will not leave you on your own until we are confident you know what you're doing!

You can be confident and fully assured that you and your employees will receive full training in using the software. You will also have access to online tutorials for the times when you just need a bit of a refresher.



It doesn't end there! So you have the training, but it's still a bit scary to start using the software for the first time. Therefore, we will help you get started. We will start by showing you have to input service user information, thereby building a complete profile. From there we can help you create care plans, write incident forms, and complete assessment forms. We will also ensure you understand the rota systems, the finance aspects and anything else that you need to know.

It doesn't end there! You will continue to receive ongoing telephone and internet support, so you will be safe in the knowledge that help is only a phone call or email away.

With our care management solutions you are guaranteed to not only get a great product, but also excellent customer service and support from start to finish.