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Pandora Care Electronic Patient Records – All You Need To Know

Electronic Patient Records – The power of going paperless

It is clear that Electronic Patient Records are the way forward in healthcare; constantly improving the care organisations provide. But if you still aren’t convinced how this new technology is beneficial, read on.

For many years healthcare relied on paper-based records, meaning piles of files, or lose bits of paper left floating around desks. This method is not only dated, but unreliable, with information frequently going missing or someone transposing it incorrectly. Add to that this system being time-consuming and prone to errors, then surely it’s time to leave it behind.


Step forward – Electronic Patient Records www.pandoracare.co.uk

Goodbye paper, hello new technology! The benefits are endless, and this is why more and more organisations are moving over to electronic systems.


Secure Patient Information

With Electronic Patient Records you have complete ease of access, but without the risks of lost pieces of paper. The information is available to you at the touch of a button, but when you’re finished with it, it will be safely stored.



With Electronic Patient Records the information is recorded in such a way that you can guarantee that it’s accurate and up to date. The information is also organised chronologically so you can quickly locate the relevant facts.


Ease of Communication

Poor communication is always a complaint in healthcare settings. But with Electronic Patient Records, clinical notes, care plans and assessments are stored easily and use standardised templates so that communication improves.

As well as the information that you input by hand, you are able to scan and upload all other documents relating the patient and their care. This enables you and your colleagues to access all records quickly and easily, therefore allowing for coordinated care.

It is clear that Electronic Patient Records promote better health care by improving all aspects of patient care.

www.pandoracare.co.uk can give you proof of this. Visit now and book a demo!