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Introducing Pandora X #StatsMonday

Let's be honest, Mondays are generally pretty rubbish aren't they? It's unusual to find someone who says they look forward to Mondays; it's the first day back to work after the weekend, so what's there to look forward to? Well over here at Pandora X we love Mondays and we definitely have something to look forward to. Read on!


In the offices of Pandora X, Mondays are a day when we get to do a little bit of gloating, as on a Monday we get to showcase how each and every module of the Pandora X Care Management System has improved our client services. Yes, it's showing off, but it's showing off that is backed up with robust evidence and data, hence #StatsMondays.


Each module of our Care Management System is designed and planned to help your organisation deliver high quality care, but it is also designed to help you increase efficiency, save time, improve work practice and save money. Of course, we can tell you all this over and over again, but what will really demonstrate the benefits of our Care Management System is if we show you the evidence.


For example, our Rota System is a prime example of all the things we list above, it does away with the need for paper systems, therefore increasing efficiency; everything you need to do to create and amend the rota is done through the Rota System, therefore saving time; there is less room for errors, therefore improving work practice; and ultimately all of this means that you save money, how much money? Well that's where we will introduce the stats to show you. Stats are our evidence, our facts, and let's face it, it's very difficult to argue with facts!


So remember to check back in with us at the start of every week to see our latest #StatsMondays!