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How does a Care Management System help Psychologists?

This week we caught up with Inci Baysal who is an Assistant Psychologist at Jeesal Group a large healthcare provider in Norfolk. We asked Inci to share her experience using our care management system and in her own words she said:


''The Pandora Care Management System is a fantastic platform that has made my work as an Assistant Psychologist more efficient and seamless. Using Pandora means that all my work can be safely and securely stored onto one platform. It also allows me to share information such as assessments, reports and clinical notes with the other health care professionals across the hospital site. External professionals are also able to log on (for example during Care Treatment Reviews) and access information relating to a particular patient.

This makes the recording and communication process more seamless as well as creates a common space for all disciplines to communicate key information about patients. The system is secure and can only be accessed by Jeesal Cawston Park staff eliminating any confidentiality issues. Using Pandora saves time as I can access the information I need quickly, making time management of my work-day much more efficient. Moreover, it saves money as it aims to make paper work obsolete; the cost of paper files includes the cost of admin staff to sort and store, the price of filing units as well as the printing costs. 

Overall, Pandora has significantly improved the communication between all staff at Jeesal Cawston Park, allowing for more time and resources to be used elsewhere in the hospital. Being able to access a wide range of reports and clinical notes from all disciplines from anywhere across site is a privilege that Pandora offers. This in turn means that staff can deliver better care more effectively and efficiently''.


We are pleased to see staff from our client Jeesal Group are benefiting from using Pandora Care Management System in their everyday lives at work. Such feedback motivates us to continue developing software with the users in mind. BOOK A DEMO