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How a Care Management System can help your ratings

How can a Care Management System help improve your hospital?

As anyone who works in the Healthcare industry will tell you, visits from the CQC can be stressful. But this is how a Care Management System can help. You'll try to be organised and you may think you are organised! However, even if you plan well, urgent matters will take over and this will leave you worried about being ready.

Of course, when you know CQC will be visiting you'll have to gather lots of  information in preparation. But on the day you could be left scrabbling around for more information that has been asked for at the last minute. This is how a Care Management System will help. It will ease that stress and help your service look efficient and organised, together with having robust quality monitoring systems in place.

Exactly how can it help?

Let's start with the basics, every service user's folder on the Care Management System holds their complete profile. This includes all forms, assessments, notes, care plans and any other attachments. By storing all this information in one place you will spend less time time searching through numerous folders to locate information. This is especially helpful when CQC visit and want to see service user information quickly and easily.

The ability to have all this information in one place, is not only convenient and efficient. But a Care Management System will also generate reports, analyse data and identify trends.  This will ensure that your service is responsive to service user needs. A Care Management System has the added benefit of helping you with your employee issues. Not only will it manage all your rotas, but it will record holidays, sickness absence and clocking in and out records. All of this means that there is transparency and open communication channels. Perfect when CQC come calling!