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Get an Outstanding CQC Rating!

To maintain a Good or Outstanding CQC Rating can demonstrate a quality service. This takes a lot of hard work of course, but there are ways to make this hard work slightly easier. When CQC inspect any service they use their Key Lines of Enquiry to focus their inspections and gather evidence. They then use this evidence to build the CQC rating.


Pandora Care Management System assists in every one of these areas to help your service achieve an Outstanding rating. Let's look at the areas individually;



One of the most important factors in safety is to manage risks and to learn when things go wrong. Clear systems for reporting incidents are crucial to achieve an outstanding CQC rating in this area. Pandora Care Management System helps this process by its effective incident reporting system. The incident reporting system ensures you can create accurate records at any time from any location, this is achieved by the facility to create these from a PC or tablet. This in turn, ensures there are no delays to creating an incident form.

Being safe also relates to staffing levels, and Pandora Care Management System's rota software will ensure that not only is there adequate levels of staff, but also the right mix of skills are on shift.

Pandora Care Management System also provides for robust and and transparent safeguarding reporting. This is not only essential for a safe service, but most importantly ensures service users are protected from harm.



Demonstrating evidence based treatment is crucial to achieve an outstanding CQC rating under 'Effective'. Pandora Care Management System can produce clear reports on all areas of service user care. This is especially important for areas such as physical health, ensuring service user's health and well-being needs are met. All aspects of physical health are kept within the patients' files, which ensures they are accessed easily. Therefore, the process to evidence how you support your service users is straightforward and clear.



To excel in the area of Caring, it is essential that all staff are aware of the service users' needs, choices, preferences and histories. This will ensure that staff are quick to respond to the service user's needs. With Pandora Care Management System all this information is available to staff easily and simply.



To demonstrate that your service excels in the area of Responsive, you must demonstrate that you deliver person-centred care. Pandora Care Management System provides the software to quickly and easily create person-centred care plans which are accessed at the touch of a button. It also has the facility to record all complaints into an easily accessible database, ensuring that they are dealt with in a timely manner, but with the protection of complete confidentiality. This means that the care you provide can be easily tailored to individual need and is constantly responding to service user's requirements.



Pandora Care Management System has tools such as Task Engine and HR databases which effectively structure staff related processes and actions. This in turn saves time and increases productivity within the workforce.Task Engine draws from all elements of the care management system, and creates an engine that runs and monitors all tasks.


The HR databases are a very useful tool as they keep all employee records in one place, but also link to other elements of the care management system. This creates a well-organised system, which in turn creates an efficient and productive workforce.


To achieve an Outstanding CQC Rating, CQC state that a 'service is performing exceptionally well'. Let Pandora Care Management System help you achieve Outstanding!