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Customer Support is at the heart of our service

At Pandora we strive to ensure that our clientele base are empowered in all manners by just being connected to us. The Pandora X Care system empowers healthcare firms and organisations to work swiftly in an industry that is known for it’s complex and intertwining structures. The Pandora X Care system serves as the ultimate modern application that incorporates patient record management, human resources management and biometric staff analysis. These features greatly empower healthcare organisations, especially care organisations where each patient have custom activities they take part in on a daily basis.


Aside from empowering our clients through such a unique and unparalleled system, we empower them through the simple means of clear, and consistent communication channels. Within the Pandora X Care Management system there is a customer area. The customer area gives our clients full access to support materials they may need.


Our means of communication are not only person to person which inevitably poses the factor of an increased interaction and resolution yielding time but through support videos queries can be answered almost instantly. Clear support videos which demonstrate how to use different areas of the system are available to view online and on mobile. Support videos have been known to be more engaging, more memorable, and more popular among consumers than any other type of support content.


To further facilitate instant solution giving to our clients we always record all the questions asked by our users and record the frequent ones to make it easier for our user to access the answers to their questions quickly through the FAQ section.


In addition to all the above channels of communication, we empower our clients through mainline communication channels including online chat, 24 hour email support and time specific support line.

A product that is flawless and highly regarded without steadfast communication channels has devalued itself in many ways. A strong line of support backs up the Pandora X system to result in a pleasant experience for our clientele base.